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When it comes to the very best in sleep relaxation there is no finer mattress than the SuperKing Mattress. Made from over 5000 individually pocketed springs and unbeatable in the amount of space that they provide, these mattresses are called SuperKing for a reason. Our range includes Respa, RespaGel, Champagne and many more. They are made from the finest materials and developed to create the perfect environment for a great night’s sleep. To find out more information, browse through our catalog.

At the top end of the mattress market in terms of size and price we know how important it is for our customers to get a high end quality product. You desire the perfect mattress and we know we have it. Here at CP Furniture Sales we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and exceptional value for money. Please feel free to browse our SuperKing Mattress products or visit our showroom which is located in Cavan. 

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Superking Mattress (6'0)

Champagne Superking Mattress 6’0

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Superking Mattress (6'0)

Endurance Superking Mattress 6’0

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Superking Mattress (6'0)

Posture Pocket Superking 6′ Mattress

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Superking Mattress (6'0)

Respa Backcare Superking Mattress 6’0

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