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Are you after a Small Double Mattress? If you are looking for maximum comfort, no compromise on sleep and yet an extra bit of space in the bedroom, then a Small Double Mattress is exactly what you are looking for. Don’t give up that wardrobe space because your bed has taken over the whole room, don’t rule out maximum comfort because you have no room, and don’t lose your floor space (dancefloor).

Browse our Small Double Mattresses! Our range includes Diamond, RespaGel, Champagne, Posture and many more types which all provide extreme comfort but take up a minimal amount of room in your home. With a price range from just over £150 to £900, there will certainly be something for everyone in our Small Double Mattress range. Whether you are travelling from Navan, Meath, Dublin to our showroom or looking at our online furniture store, we know we can find you the perfect mattress.

From: 874.00

Small Double Mattress (4'0)

Respa Firmarest De Luxe 4′ Mattress

From: 206.00
From: 206.00
From: 731.00

Small Double Mattress (4'0)

Champagne Small Double Mattress 4’0

From: 699.00

Small Double Mattress (4'0)

Endurance Small Double Mattress 4’0

From: 319.00

Small Double Mattress (4'0)

Posture Pocket Small Double 4’0 Mattress

From: 599.00

Small Double Mattress (4'0)

Respa Backcare Small Double Mattress 4’0

From: 359.00
From: 377.00
From: 507.00
From: 587.00