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Are you searching for a mattress fit for a king and queen? Of course you are! If you are ready to move away from your double bed, make the leap to maximum comfort and a larger mattress, then you are looking for a Kingsize Mattress. The Kingsize is unbeatable in the amount of mattress space it provides. It is comfortable, affordable and of a very high standard if you purchase one from us at CP Furniture Sales. Checkout our wide variety of kingsize mattresses below. We stock the Respa range, Champagne, Endurance and even Sports Mattresses perfect for improving circulation.

Why not take a look through our online catalogue and find out more information about all of our mattresses before purchasing. You can contact us or buy online, however you can also visit us at our furniture store just outside Meath. 

From: 251.00

Kingsize Mattress (5'0)

Champagne Kingsize Mattress 5’0

From: 799.00

Kingsize Mattress (5'0)

Endurance Kingsize Mattress 5’0

From: 379.00

Kingsize Mattress (5'0)

Posture Pocket Kingsize 5′ Mattress

From: 649.00
From: 402.00
From: 426.00
From: 559.00
From: 639.00
From: 780.00
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