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We know there comes a time when a single bed just isn’t working anymore. You want more space, you need more space and you’d prefer it if your feet didn’t stick off the end anymore! We think it is about time you thought about buying a double mattress. Think of all the positives, more room to bounce around, increased comfort levels and simply a better place to sleep. With twenty two different double mattresses waiting to be viewed, different comfort levels and prices, there is bound to be a style to suit your needs. With luxurious natural fillings such as wool, all our mattresses are biodegradable whilst still providing sensational comfort and support.

CP Furniture Sales online provides you with a huge selection of furniture and our mattress range outshines most specialist mattress stores. Feel free to browse through our products, order online or pay us a visit at our furniture showroom in Cavan.

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Double Mattress (4'6)

Champagne Double Mattress 4’6

From: 699.00

Double Mattress (4'6)

Endurance Double Mattress 4’6

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